Frequently Asked Questions
Initial estimates including a site visit are complimentary.  
Plans and design work including drawings are billed according
to the amount of time and detail.   
What does an estimate cost?
Yes! We install a variety of  landscaping projects such as
retaining walls, pathways, concrete edging,  ponds,  
ornamental shrubs, garden beds and containers.  
I also need some landscaping
done, do you do that as well?
Are having plants in an
office worth the cost?
Having plants indoors have many benefits!  Obviously they bring
color and texture to an otherwise angular office space. They
transform indoor spaces by adding interest and natural
elements.  Also the health benefits are becoming more widely
known - as plants produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide,
they also absorb pollutants in the air, even in an office.  
Computers, fax machines and photocopiers can produce gases
and pollutants such as xylene, toluene, and benzene.  Indoor
plants are an inexpensive way to improve office air quality.  
Plants can also be used to hide office machines and create
I'd like to have plants in and
around my office, but I'm not
sure I'd keep up with watering
and maintentance.
Not to worry, the Plant Guy offers low-cost maintenance
agreements that assure your plantscapes get the attention they
deserve.  In fact, maintenance is included in most plans.
I'd like to have some large
outdoor potted trees or plants,
but I don't have room to bring
them inside for the winter, what
should I do?
 The Plant Guy also offers lstorage and care  for large trees      
  and plants over the winter months.  
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Do you do mowing?
We don't just mow, we manicure lawns. Whether it's  
commercial or residential mowing we will Groom your Green.  
Including our popular mow, blow, and trim.   Call for an