Our Design Philosophy
Before a shovel ever breaks ground or a container is set in place, The Plant Guy will have a working design
plan to compliment each phase of your custom plantscape. This includes the selection of appropriate plants
and or materials and their placement. The Plant Guy takes all applicable factors into consideration such as
available light, soil conditions, temperature, color, and architectural coordination. The result is a lush, long
lasting plantscape and exterior hardscaping that is practical and stands the test of time.


Each of our summertime container arrangements is a work of
art that only gets more beautiful as the season progresses.
The Plant Guy utilizes a combination of lush tropical plants and
colorful annuals that appear to “burst” out of each well-
selected planter. But outstanding seasonal containers are only
one way that The Plant Guy can enhance the exterior of your
home or office. We also build retaining walls, ponds, and paths
made of a variety of hardscaping materials from brick pavers to
flagstones. For a real landscape "facelift" The Plant Guy can
dramatically change the appearance of properties by designing
and installating custom flowerbeds.  Featuring great looking
hardscape borders and planted with a coordinated assortment
of annuals, perennials, and shrubs. This combination ensures a
plantscape that will provide constant floral color in the growing
season, and points of interest that will last throughout the
year.  We choose the plant material best suited to both our
climate and your aesthetic.  
Interior Plants

The Plant Guy specializes in the installation and
maintenance of interior plantscapes in both residential
and commercial settings.  To maintain great looking
indoor plants we pride ourselves on a thorough
working knowledge of tropical plants and the needs of
individual species. We also balance the look our
customers want to achieve with what plants do best in
each situation. The Plant Guy installs plants that have
been grown for interior application from nurseries
specializing in interior foliage.  We do not install
landscape quality or "B" grade plant in interior
applications. Our local and national distributors provide
a vast assortment of the highest quality containers in a
 array of sizes, colors, and styles. After your new
plantscape is installed The Plant Guy will keep your
plants healthy and thriving with an affordable
maintenance program including prompt replacement of
all natural plant failures. Weekly visits to hydrate,
prune, fertilize, and clean your plants will give your
customers and co-workers and inviting, relaxing
environment that you can rely on. Our maintenance
program includes a replacement guarantee.
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After consulting with a client and
determining a budget.  A
concept becomes a drawing that
our customer can visualize.  Any
adjustments to the plan are
made and an idea becomes